London, Paris, Melbourne, Australia, Florida… and everywhere in between.

Whew… it’s been a journey! Let’s start from the beginning. I always had a leaning towards the creative side of things. After growing up in a small town on the Atlantic coast of Florida, I pursued my studies as a fine arts major at Rollins College in Winter Park, near Orlando, Florida. During my undergraduate years, I took advantage of opportunities available by participating in several study abroad programs. My first overseas trek was to London for a spring break theater studies trip in which we, as a class, soaked in the best on London culture by seeing nine plays in seven days. I fell in love with that vibrant city, and was hooked on international travel.


By the end of my career at Rollins I had participated in four study abroad programs: London, as already mentioned, Edinburgh, Scotland to attend courses at the Edinburgh College of Art, a volunteer conservation trip to the rainforests of Puerto Rico, and a summer spent studying interior design in Florence, Italy. The groundwork for my future path had been firmly laid at this point.


Upon the completion of my undergraduate degree I opted to further pursue my education in the field of interior design. This led me back to London, where I lived as a student of Chelsea College of Art & Design for one year. Having finished a Graduate Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design and not being ready to move back to the States, I decided to compliment this diploma with further study. I found a program in Paris, France and enrolled for a four-month semester abroad. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, thus far. I ended up staying in Paris for three years, completing a second Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture.


I took full advantage of living in Europe for four years – traveling to Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Norway, in addition to England, France and Scotland. As my visa neared expiration and I was searching for the next step, I received an invitation to join a friend in Australia. I readily accepted, and spent the subsequent year living and working in Melbourne at a boutique architecture and interior design firm. And, of course, I added a few more countries to my ever growing list.


When my year in Australia came to an end, I returned to my roots in south Florida. I took a position as the creative director for Overseas Leisure Group, a B2B luxury travel receptive. Headquartered in Miami, the Overseas portfolio includes 43 offices in 34 countries worldwide.


I am now based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and for the last 10+ years have been the owner, lead web designer and brand strategist at  The Global Creator Studio, where I help other small business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs elevate their online presence.